1st of March, 2013

Now working in association with Greenpeace. Each album sold will include a direct donation of £3.00 to Greenpeace. 

 Clip from David Attenborough's BBC Series 'Planet Earth', using Ben's original composition.



'A Child's Life', accompanying the clip it was inspired by.  From the film 'The New World' by Terrence Malick.





 1st of November 2012

Album review by Urban Fairy, on Buzzjack.com. 




Re-imagined music composed by Ben Moore-Morris for the film The Reader.  



Here I've composed my own soundtrack for a clip of the film 1492.  



14th of October, 2012

Excellent review written by Robert Hugill on Planet Hugill




'I Remember' has been reviewed by Wills Morgan for The Source Magazine

Read the review here.




5th of July 2012

The launch of 'I Remember' will be being held at Hugo's Bar and Restraunt in Queens Park, London.

From 7pm onwards.

Open Invitation.








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