" For almost as long as I can remember, music has had a very strong influence on my life. There has always been a piano in the house, in amongst my first few memories, one of them was tapping a few piano keys down on the piano in the entrance hall to my childhood home. The first music I was introduced to was, like most kids, the music my parents listen to. I grew up listening to bands such as Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Beatles, John Lenon, Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones. A lot of the Rolling Stones.

On my eighth birthday my parents kindly bought me an electric piano. To me this was the most amazing present, I remember looking at it thinking how amazing it is and wondered how can it make all these different sounds. From that day on, playing keyboard became an important part of who I was and how I wanted to be seen.

For many years (until the age of around 13), I played around making up tunes, sometimes copying them from songs and melodies I memorised from films and albums and also spent a lot of time creating my own melodies. I am lucky enough to have two brothers (Tom and Luke) who are talented musicians. Luke on the drums and Tom plays the Guitar and also sings. So as you would imagine we made a band and had lots of fun. Although I seem to remember having as many arguments about goodness knows what as we did spend time making music!

Due to the fact that I am an entirely self taught pianist, this meant it took me a rather long time before I could play the piano with all my fingers. I started of playing with just two fingers and slowly learnt how to coordinate more and more fingers together to create more complex sounds.

My parents did offer me piano lessons but I never wanted any. The piano was something I was naturally interested and curious in. Consciously or not, it was about keeping this personal 'exploration' of music and how to create it, all to myself. Without any other person showing me the way. From the very beginning I enjoyed the freedom and informality of playing with what still feels to me, an amazing instrument. It was always about spontaneity, exploring, self teaching and training, fun and self motivation. And it has remained so to this day.   

From the age of around 12 I became increasingly aware of the importance of music in films. I remember getting back from school and having a routine of playing film scores in my bedroom whilst attempting to do my homework. At this stage I began to gain an interest for cinematic music. I started to identify with what it is that makes music as it is. Or should I say, started to recognize what makes one make the music one makes.

From the beginning I was conscious of the fact that the different tunes and melodies I played, instantly created whole new worlds of thought and feeling in the imagination. I saw that music and visuals also link perfectly to create the missing world of sensations and meanings which can't be seen or felt by the viewer. To me, playing and creating music is not so much about learning and understanding about how music works and how it is all put together, but is more of a way to explore pathways in an almost infinitely vast musical landscape, and then communicating what I have found.

But for me the real enchantment and motivation for music is that it is something which cannot be explained. It is as wholesome as it is empty and as tangible as it is fluid. It is a force that affects us all in such an extreme way yet could be said to virtually not exist at all. To me this is what 'life' and 'consciousness' is all about."






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